Windows 10 how to disable P2P updates (WUDO)

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Windows 10 has introduced a new way to download updates.
The feature called Windows Update Delivery Optimization it has some advantages, but turning it off can save a lot of data and speed up the internet.

As a result, upgrades can be downloaded not only from Microsoft servers but also from other Windows 10 users. This second option will be automatically selected if Microsoft servers are heavily loaded. it’s supposed to streamline the process and benefit users.

Microsoft promises that distribution of patches in this way is safe, but users should still think it’s better to disable the patch. Sharing of updates with other users through peer-to-peer mechanisms is especially useful when you are using a limited-data packet internet connection.

Windows 10 will not send  updates to other users when the computer is connected to the Internet via the built-in 3G or LTE modem, but the system no recognizes  connection to a MiFi modem and will treat them as a normal router.

How to disable it? Please watch the video!

P2P distributions is enabled by default. You can choose to send them only within the local area network to other Windows 10 computers in your home or office, or disable this feature completely and use it to download updates only from Microsoft servers.